Andrew Greenberg (hdiandrew) wrote in whippersnappers,
Andrew Greenberg

Whippersnappers Needs You!

The special Whippersnappers Reunion Awards Committee has deliberated long and hard on its many nominees to come up with worthy winners for its first awards. However, there are two awards where we need your help!

When you come to the reunion, you will have the chance to vote in two categories:

1. Outstanding Achievement, for the Whippersnappers you feel have most contributed to the organization, the community, or to your pleasure; and

2. The Kinkster’s Choice Award, where you can create your own category AND winner (Best Canes, Funniest Scene, Coolest Hat, etc.)

Voting opens at 8 pm and closes at 8. Start thinking about who you would vote for, and we look forward to your choices when we see you at Friday night’s reunion!

Where: 1763
When: 8 - midnight, Friday, Nov. 30
How Much: $10 for current or former Whippersnappers, $20 for everyone else
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