Andrew Greenberg (hdiandrew) wrote in whippersnappers,
Andrew Greenberg

First Whippersnappers Reunion!

The long-time hosts of the Friday night Frolicon play party invite everyone to a Whippersnappers reunion! Load up your wheelchairs and break out the walkers to reunite with your old friends, playmates and victims for an evening of reminiscing, fun, and play at our old haunt, 1763. Recreate the greatest scenes of yesteryear (or maybe 2005). Compete for the first annual Whippersnappers awards. You were such a wonderful part of our community that it would not feel like a proper celebration without you there! Admission is only $10 with your Whippersnappers card (really, for anyone who has ever been a Whippersnapper)!

What: The First Whippersnappers Reunion
Where: 1763
When: 8 - midnight, Friday, Nov. 30
How Much: $10 for current or former Whippersnappers, $20 for everyone else
1763 Dress Code in effect

It's a reunion, so everyone 21+ is welcome to attend. You can RSVP here:

--Also, Nov. 28:

The Eagle, 306 Ponce De Leon Avenue Atlanta, GA 30308

Misconceptions and apprehensions run rampant when it comes to the legal status and risks of BDSM. Often the fears are misplaced, but often are confidences even more unfounded. Join in this wide-ranging discussion of BDSM and the law, featuring lawyers, writers and members of the scene, digging into the areas everyone needs to know.

Even if you already do know it all, now is the time to bring out those friends you know need this information.

All classes are free & open to the public who are at least 21 years old
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