Pixie Bruner (pixelmonster) wrote in whippersnappers,
Pixie Bruner

High end TENS Unit for Sale

Please delete if not permitted- but this piece of BDSM fun is just collecting dust and I am sure there is a good home for it somewhere in ATL:)

RS-TENSTM Plus TENS Unit (T.E.N.S) Device - $75

The RS-TENSTM Plus is a two-channel transcutaneous electrotherapy device designed to stimulate specific sensory nerve fibers and suppress the sensation of pain.

It is also great for medical play. Huge variety of settings and infintely adjustable for comfort/discomfort. It can be as vicious as a violet wand! I hate the thing:)

Physicians integrate the device into treatment plans for relief of chronic and intractable pain and for management of post-surgical pain. Since it's compact and easy-to-use at home, patients can fit TENS therapy into their daily routines.

Frequency and impulse can be adjusted to patient need.

With the RS-TENS Plus, patients can control the intensity of their own treatments, increasing or decreasing intensity based on their need to relieve pain. For more sensitive patients, setting a higher frequency and lower impulse will gently and gradually relieve pain during a 20 to 30 minute treatment. Patients experiencing mild pain can use a higher frequency and higher impulse to produce a pain-inhibiting effect almost immediately.

Device is flexible and safe.
The RS-TENS Plus's two independently-controlled channels operate four pads enabling physicians to treat a range of body areas. Patients receive personal instruction and a manual with the device, and its safety features ensure correct operation.

It comes complete with case, four pads, two leads, back pouch and two additional rechargeable batteries, all manuals, and the wall charger.

Used 3x for pain therapy. In Like-new Condtion!

Paypal (pixie.bruner at gmail.com) or cash only. Will meet in person for cash sale.

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