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Whippersnappers May Play Party

Come join us for our next party at 1763 on Saturday May 15th.

Doors are at 8, presentation is at 9, and play is right after.

This months demo will be Tenderdom on Fireplay and Fire Cupping. Please come to the class, you never know what tid bit of info you may pick up. We promise it to be a HOT topic for sure, come watch Tenderdom do his dance with fire and flame. For all of you out there want to see how beautiful fire play can be yet how to do it safely, this is your chance. The discussion and demo will be hosted by Tenderdom. If you haven't seen Tenderdom do fireplay and fire cupping before, you MUST come. It is a very beautiful, sensual and incredible scene.

Guest Policy

Whippersnappers Members may guest one non-member, 21 and up, into the play party. Anyone planning on guesting in a non-member should email us at by midnight the Friday night before the the play party.

Also, we ask that if you are guesting in someone that you either arrive with the guest or be at the club before the guest arrives.
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