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Whippersnappers Demo and Play Party !!!

Please join us at 1763 this Saturday February 20th where we are happy to have Tony from The Red Chair in Birmingham Alabama presenting Bedroom Bondage!

Pop Quiz: Your partner just looked at you with That Special Look and says, "I want you to tie me up baby."

What do you do?

Good question isn't it? A lot of fetish bondage is just plain inconvenient for sex. This is a bondage workshop specifically geared toward restraining your partner so you can do gloriously dirty things with him/her.

We will cover safety, some practical applications, and then I will show some examples of some basic ties. My main goal here is only to give you a good starting point from which you can experiment and learn what works best for you.

My instruction is very "hands on" and we will have time to practice. So please bring a minimum of two 15' lengths of rope. And you can always bring more. Can't ever have too much rope.

Note that I *will* ask for volunteers. Then I will pick on them, make lots of jokes at their expense, and probably embarrass myself as well as the volunteer. We'll also have a whole lot of fun, and that's what kink is really all about. No more, and certainly no less.

I'm Tony. I am currently the Captain of The Red Chair in Birmingham. I became officially active in the lifestyle at the beginning of 2008. I began my studies by attending a workshop by Jay Wiseman. I learned some interesting rope tricks there, and for a couple of months it was just a hobby. Then I got my hands on my first rope slut. She got that universal rope bottom grin as soon as my first knot cinched, and I was hooked immediately on that energy and feedback.

Since then, I've added florentine flogging and single tail whips to my list of specialties. I also am kind of a tinker; I'll "invent" S&M toys out of almost anything. But rope bondage will always be my first love.
I am Leather. I will happily talk anyone's ear off about Leather protocol and lifestyle, although I'll be the first to admit that I am still a neophyte. One of my biggest lifestyle goals is to work very hard to preserve traditions that many feel are dying. This means that I must serve as a bridge between the quasi-mythical "Old Guard" and everyone else. So far that's just entailed learning from those who are willing to teach, and teaching those who are willing to learn. Perhaps that is ALL that is needed. Only time will tell.

Doors open at 8pm
Demo at 9pm
Open play 10pm to 2am

Guest Policy

Whippersnappers Members may guest one non-member, 21 and up, into the play party. Anyone planning on guesting in a non-member should email us at by midnight the Friday night before the the play party.

Also, we ask that if you are guesting in someone that you either arrive with the guest or be at the club before the guest arrives.
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